CIS offers full system and network analysis, helping you understand and determine the technological requirements for your home or business. The goal, an efficient and stream lined system so you can do what you do best.

Our on-site and in-store consultation services include:

  • Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Networks
  • Internet



Maintaining a computer system has become a crucial part of our high tech world.  Both business and home users need to keep records.

When a system is down it can mean lost time and money.

At CIS we work with our Customers to prevent this from happening through personalized service.  Regular preventive maintenance can save problems later.



When repairs are necessary CIS is there for you.  CIS offers efficient and quality service.  Working on both Software and Hardware issues, with on-site service.



Many businesses and homes today would be lost with out networks to communicate and connect to the internet.

No matter if you are business or home user, if you have two computers the benefits of sharing files and printing can be substantial.

CIS has what you need and can set-up your network for you.



Communication is an essential part of Everyone life.  We can help you get connected to the world. 


In need of a new computer, some repairs, or just not sure where to start

Drop in, drop off, or call us to start reducing your IT and computer frustrations.