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Services & Repair

We'll take care of your trusty computer, inside and out. From cleaning to hardware installation to reinstalling your favourite operating system, we've got all your needs covered. Looking for a major upgrade? We can even build you a new system designed for your specific needs. 

Require a little more help? We also offer on-site service and consulting for your home or business computing requirements.






Visual Inspection and Consultation   Free
In Shop Rate - You bring your device to us and we perform a service   $60.00/hr
On Site Rate - We come to you and work at your site   $70.00/hr

Software Services


Operating System Installation (Windows or Mac OS) - Install all drivers and Windows updates - Install Microsoft Security Essentials - Remove unnecessary software - Operating System software not included  
Application Installation - Install individual software (MS Office, Anti-virus, accounting software, or other applications)  
Application Installation (If Purchased at Computer Infomatics Solutions)  
Virus Removal - Remove all viruses, malware, spyware, trojans, spyware, etc. - Includes Antivirus software with latest updates  
Operating System Installation With Data Backup and Restore - Includes a backup of your data before installing a new operating system onto your computer. Data is then restored to your computer  
Driver Installation - Installation of missing driver and update to the latest available driver.  
BIOS Update - Update BIOS to the latest version while retaining previous BIOS settings.  
Email Back up - Back up all emails and contacts, restore back to your system.  

System Build

Standard System Assembly - Includes a 1 year parts and labour warranty  
Additional Services Charges    
  Water Cooling
  Cable Management
  RAID Configuration
  Operating System on new system

System Services

System Tune Up - Optimize system speed and boot up time - Includes upgrade recommendations  
System Dust Removal  
System Cloning - Creation of a virtual system that has the same disk contents, accounts, root password, and number of network interfaces as the original. Storage device of cloning is not included.  
System Setup - Personalized account setup - Windows and driver updates - Removal of unnecessary software - Creation of recovery media - Software installation (software not included)  
System Recovery - Attempts made to recover data from a failing device.  
All-In-One Setup - Personalized account setup - Windows and driver updates - Removal of unnecessary software - Creation of recovery media - Anti-virus/security installation - Data transfer (up to 2TB) - Software installation (software not included)  
Refresh System (Imaging) Setup - Installation of a new hard drive (hardware not included) - Comprehensive virus and malware scan - Transfer of all your data and settings (unlimited data transfer) - Update of your PC desktop or laptop to the latest windows updates and other select programs  
Cable Management - Organize and secure electrical, data, and other cables - Provide better airflow and performance  
System Re-build - Disassemble parts from old system and re-assemble them to new system case (new system case is not included)  

Hardware Replacement and Upgrade

Processor / CPU  
Video Card  
Network Card  
Sound Card  
Optical Drive (DVD or Blu-Ray)  
Power Supply  
CPU Fan and Heatsink  
Water Cooling / Liquid Cooling  
Hard Drive or Solid State Drive  
Case / Chassis  
Cables - Networking, HDMI, DVI, USB  

In need of a new computer, some repairs, or just not sure where to start

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Information on this page is subject to change based on availability and industry standards.